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    On Course Water Coolers Have Been Removed

If you have already played a round this season, you may have noticed that the water coolers are no longer on the course. After much deliberation on whether to keep them or take them away, we made the ultimate decision to take them away. We made this decision to benefit all parties. Primarily, we are keeping the golfer in mind for health reasons. We see fresh full jugs of water become contaminated when a dirty golf towel is pressed against the spigot or quickly used in its entirety due to the size of water bottles and cups. The amount of time spent for our staff to clean and fill these stations could be better used for golf course maintenance and additional special projects. 

. . . when a 15 year old boy tragically passed away from complications associated with a Norovirus infection associated with an improperly handled water container at a golf course in Phoenix, Arizona. In all, there were 83 cases of the Norovirus linked to that one golf course during their two day junior tournament . . .

We offer a cup of ice water before you head out to play, as well as water for sale in the Clubhouse. As always, we look forward to seeing you soon at Kirkwood National, and we thank you for standing behind us in regard to this decision!

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